Monday, February 16, 2009


Did you know that Europeans get an average of 4 weeks...aka double what americans get. That being said I need to get paid for all my side projects. I like blogging b/c it helps people keep up with me and it helps decompress....however it is stressing me out. SO its great that I started another blog. Oy.
But really I am working on getting my work ready for my agent which is great, but another stressor.
Yesterday we went to Washington Heights to visit a friend from high school. The trip was long, but it was worth the trip. Amazing food and great company.
In other news, Jonathan said I can sell my cards at Joe's. So I did a test run with some v-day cards and was pleasantly surprised. I also did a sketch for another card, but have been so busy I did not get time to execute it so it might be a next year kind of thing.
Today we were supposed to go take a visit up to the new Joe's location, but it has to be postponed. I am excited to see what it looks like. I have been placing a lot of hope on the new location and I really think there will be amazing opportunities I just hope I have not set my expectations too high.
Anyway, painting day!
Otherwise things are pretty good.
Joined a gym which is a whole other shlep, but its 16 dollars a month thanks to a crap economy and a vday special. It is no frills, but I like it.
Brain is not really working so that is all for now.

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