Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I must have had a case of the dropsies b/c Parker Posy came in yesterday, which is not unusual because she lives in the area, and I did not almost kill her with hot coffee. It could also be that she is not as intimidating. She got a small mocha and was extremely nice. I was working with the big boss and he acted like it was nothing unusual so I guess I absorbed that.
I think if I could describe the shops by clientele I would say my shop is celebs and spoiled college kids, the Wav is homos and super celebs, 23rd is equinox moms, and grand central sounds like business people...but I have never been to that one. I wonder what the upper west side is going to be? I kind hope the people are interesting. I keep thinking Forbes 100 people and Bobby Fley. This could be a nice little dream in my head as I do love food and becomming friends with foodies is more exciting to me than meeting any movie star.
In exciting news I have been selling my greeting cards at Joes and they have going at a good pace. I think that because they are right next to the register is can't hurt. It is hard to say when one goes from making back supply costs to making a little money. I should make a spread sheet, but I have not yet so all I know is it is enough to buy more paper, ink, and sleeves. I bought protective sleeves yesterday that are biodegradable, now I need to figure out how to have it say that on the sleeve without creating another annoying thing like a sticker. It would be silly to buy biodegradable sleeves and have them be thrown out...if they end up in a landfill they are just trash. little sticker might be the only option....lame.
I moved JJ's bike from one side of the street to the other today. I have never gotten on the bike before and even though the battery is dead I was still really nervous about having to roll it across the street. A waste management co. was watching me the whole time as they tried to figure out how to move the dumpster that has been a perminant installation since we moved in. I feel a little jittery after the whole event, but it was actually fun and I can see why someone would want to ride it. Too bad NYC is a shit place to ride a bike talk about death by cabbie.
Anyway, off to my insurance meeting where I get to ask a million questions about benefits.
I have dropped 300 dollars on stuff for my agent to get my promotion off the ground. I am so excited and nervous. She said this process sometimes takes 8 months to even glean some fruit so while I am excited that it is beginning I worry that in this economy no one will want and illustrator with a pention for demented squirrels and weird idioms.

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