Friday, February 27, 2009

Money well spent

I received gift cards for xmas that I did not know what to do with...until now. I bought some functional 8 ink cartridges (not exciting) and then yesterday I came up with the perfect item.

Behold the le creuset 11.75 inch flame orange frying pan. Cast iron and amazing. Do not look directly at it you might burn your eyes its glory is so bright.
I have been wanting their cook ware forever, but its sooo expensive why would I ever drop that kind of money. I realized I could buy books on amazon, but I do not need more books and this is both functional and really pretty. The hardest part was choosing a color I could live with. The red is very common and meh, the yellow is too much, the kiwi is unappetizing, the aqua is fun, but would clash with everything, and then there was cobalt. I do love cobalt, but orange is soo hard to resist. SO if I do get another piece some day or even a couple they will all be different really expensive fiesta ware.

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Dave and Jo said...

OMG....should i ever come to brooklyn, i'll have to be a hunting fo i will abscond with that beauty in a sec