Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another random illustration for the Ugly Sweater. The book is done! I finished all the illustrations last night. Now comes my favorite part...sitting in front of the computer and hitting my head against InDesign until the layout and type looks good. Then off to the printer so I can send out some samples to various publishing houses for judgement.
And I finished just in time to enter in the Communication Arts Illo annual!!! I can get rejected on so many different levels. No really, I am used to this. I used to draw comic books and send out about 25 books a summer to different publishing companies. I had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway and the rejections got better as I did. They become longer and more positive and more personal. So really I am ready to rock the rejection.
The cool thing that happened the other day was a guy came in to the shop, saw my work, and wanted a promo card. (When someone asks for a promo card it generally means they are in the business of doing more than just wanting a print to hang on their wall.) I did not have one on me so he gave me his card and I promised to send him an email link to my website. His business card said Disney Hyperion...I nearly peed my pants.
Anyway, he wrote me this email where he said he liked my work a LOT and if/when the right project came up the other editors in charge of children's books would reach out to me.


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Relyn said...

Oh! Good luck with that!! Good, good luck. And, maybe - why not go get some promo cards made?