Friday, November 20, 2009

Squirrels and all

I been linked.

Yay, to squirrels.

Went to the Ace Hotel yesterday for some stumptown coffee and hangout time with a friend. It was a crazy crazy place....the hotel, not stumptown. Amazing. I loved the mix of old parlor, library, and taxidermy....I could hang out there all day.

I also met with a new client yesterday. I am going to put some of my info graphic edjamication to work for this one. He wants a "resume" done in a way that flows more like a tree. I am not doing a tree, but when we were meeting I did come up with a bunch of solutions and I will get to those this weekend.

In addition, to drinking lot of coffee yesterday I had a cleaning fit. I went through all my art supplies, clothes, and art. I have two bag of art that must go. I am going to a party tonight where I plan to unload this stuff before I resort to the old destruction method. I just have too much work. So, now I feel a bit more sane and I am off to make more things that I will have to get rid of in a couple of years....yay.

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Manasi Parikh said...

hhhhhahhhhaaaaaa!! :D :D this is so ridiculously funny!