Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flying dog

Flying Rufus. I want this to be the basis for the next book. I am obviously still working on the Ugly Sweater, but I want to start thinking about future projects so I do not get too bogged down by my own fear of failure...yay!
The Ugly Sweater is going well. I printed out some thumbnails for type and layout checks. I have some adjustments to make on images and type, but it looks pretty good. I know if it does get published there will be changes I am sure. Right now the type is Helvetica Neue because its friendly, sans serif, and rounded. I was also considering doing some of the words by hand. So just the words "ugly sweater" maybe or special words. I think I will leave it as is for now and just work on getting it printed and ready to mail out for round one of publishing submissions. I also still need to do the front and back covers.
I am still waiting on the minibook I ordered on Lulu. They 3-5 days, but we are obviously at the later end of 5 days. Maybe tomorrow? If not I might try printing at home. Anyway, I want to get this done and sent out by mid next week. I am so anxious and impatient.

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