Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who do the Lulu

My Lulu order arrived today a little later than I wanted, but that is only because I am impatient and spoiled by Zappos. When I lived in ATL I could order shoes at 11pm and get them the next was amazing and dangerous.
So my minibook looks really good. They made some decisions about the layout so while I wanted the images to have the right page with an image and the left side of the spread blank they print and both sides so images sit side by side. I can change that in the layout although I am not sure if I mind. If I decide that this is ok I do need to change the formatting so the titles of images sit on the outter corners...this is all boring and technical. The point is it looks good. I do feel that the colors look pretty good the blues are a bit washed out, but everything else looks nice even though its printed with a color laser.
I am going to try blurb next and see if there is a quality and price difference. I will report back.
Other news: Talked with Robert Forbes today about my children's book. He wrote a book that was illustrated by Ronald Searle so I thought he might be someone who has a good idea how to get things published. Anyway, I asked him if he wouldn't mind looking at a copy of the book and telling me what he thinks and he said he would not mind at all. So, this is a good step and a possible direction...mind you he might look at book say "how nice" and then nothing more. I am not good at prodding, but I was direct and if I have to ask for an introduction to a publisher I there! I have another lead, but once again it could be nothing. I think children's books are not like novels where (in the case of Harry Potter) there was a bidding war.
My one operation of business is to find a publisher before the end of the year. I really want to be able to say I did something the year after I graduated grad school. My designer friends either have jobs, have started companies, or have (in one special case) started a textile design company. I do not know about the illustrators in the group. I was the only one in my class and I did both design and illustration, but spent most of my time with the designers. I saw a lot of unmotivated illustrators and I did not want to be identified that way. Alright off to craft night to continue operation children's book.

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