Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adjust the unadjustable

I recently got a really nice write up on this blog for kids art and design called
room for young ones and I also got a tweet

She was particularly taken with Oliver sleeping with Rufus, which makes me so happy because as much as I love those illustrations I am feeling insecure about the book. Playing the waiting game basically means I spend most of my time doubting, questioning, and feeling anxious.

Dwelling on this is futile. So, in the spirit of not dwelling here is a card I made yesterday. I have two versions because after I had completed the illo and put it on the computer I wondered if I should have added a more dramatic gesture. With the wonders of photoshop I was able to see what this change would look like and I determined that it did nothing to improve the quality of the visual. (note: I may have changed my mind seeing them side by side it might be an improvement. JJ mentioned that it is unclear if the extra lean enhances the sleeping or makes the goat look drunk...which is funny in a completely different way). The wonders of shortcuts; now I have more time to dwell!

Can you tell the difference.

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the dizzle said...

i think the first one is good. the second one kind of makes the goat look like it's crippled :)