Friday, April 30, 2010

Not so Ahead of the Game

IF: ahead
I am very very late to post for Illustration Friday....a week behind in fact. Maybe that is part of my expression of the theme. I am NOT ahead....or I just was overwhelmed with work this week and I did not have time to do anything until now.
I have been thinking about doing this all week though, so in my head it counts.
But really, after I did the animals in water last weekend I felt so accomplished that I just did not do anything else. I reveled in the moment too long and then felt I could not match myself....not very Capricorn of me.
This weekend I work Saturday and Sunday so I do not know how much illustrating I will actually get done. I spent yesterday printing out updates for my physical portfolio (very old fashioned I know), working on freelance logo sketches, fixing a painting purchased by a customer, buying lots of printing and mailing supplies for my little etsy business, and watching Ru Paul's Drag Race...amazing.
I will try and regain some focus if my cold does not turn into something more flulike...bleh.

Above is Winnie and Rocco on a typical walk turned flying lesson.


CĂ©leste Gagnon said...

cool! that's a really fun illustration :)

Nur said...

how sweet! I hope the squirrel makes it!

Leen Christens said...

Great work, it makes me laugh!! Good luck with all your work!

Mr. Spoqui said...
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