Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Reject II

Excellent rejection of the week:

Dear Terry (my agent):
[Someone important] passed THE UGLY SWEATER by Charrow along for discussion. While I agree with [said important person's] enthusiasm for Charrow's art -- it's quirky and bold yet literary at the same time -- but as you've pointed out, she's young and you can tell she's still working through all of her creative outlets.

I would steer her toward Amy Krouse Rosenthal's work (LITTLE HOOT, LITTLE PEA) since her strength lies primarily in her animals (her humans are little too loose) and she can get away with a lot more whimsy that way. Actually, much of the Chronicle Books catalog might be worthwhile for her to look at. Her Etsy greeting cards actually have more of that funny, wacky humor that I'm looking for -- like, cat butt? Hilarious and weird and tons of personality! (Maybe not appropriate for a picture book, however.)

I will say that my imprint at [huge huge publishing house], [children's publisher within that house], is very commercial so you'll have to view my comments through that lens. We focus on young, short picture books with strong visuals and tons of humor. While we can get away with literary titles, they'll require a clear commercial hook to help them stand out in the marketplace.

I hope this is helpful direction for her -- I'm curious to see what she can develop and do feel free to send it my way when and if she's got something new.

With all best wishes,
[Very important person]
Associate Editor, [children's imprint of the huge publisher]


Onward and upward

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